Public Sector Housing Flooring

Marmoleum Flooring works alongside public bodies and contractors to provide durable marmoleum flooring to homes & apartments across Dublin

As a leading supplier of marmoleum flooring in Dublin, the team here at Marmoleum Flooring works alongside a variety of public bodies and contractors to install high-quality marmoleum flooring into homes and accommodation across the city. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Marmoleum Flooring offers cost-effective marmoleum solutions that are eco-friendly, durable, long-lasting and easily maintained. Marmoleum is a fantastic flooring option for houses and apartments, offering an extremely durable and long-lasting flooring solution that is anti-bacterial and timeless. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, marmoleum flooring from our company means that you don’t have to compromise on style or functionality. Marmoleum is especially beneficial for use in domestic bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms, offering a hygienic and easy-to-clean solution that will stand the test of time. We have installed and supplied flooring for homes including flats, apartments, houses, student accommodation, hotels, hostels, and more, guaranteeing a top-quality service every time.

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Why Choose Flooring for Homes From Us?

  • Cost Effective

  • Eco-Friendly & CO2 Neutral

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Durable & Long-Lasting

  • Range of Colours & Styles Available

  • Anti-Bacterial, Safe & Hygienic

  • Suitable for All Rooms in The Home

Public Sector Housing Flooring FAQ

  • Who does marmoleum flooring near me?

    Marmoleum Flooring provides Dublin marmoleum flooring suitable for all types of homes including apartments, houses, flats, student accommodation, and more.

  • How many different colours of marmoleum are there?

    There are over 300 colours and styles of marmoleum available, making it a versatile and flexible flooring solution for any property.

  • What are the benefits of marmoleum?

    Marmoleum is a cost-effective flooring solution that is made out of wood, making it an eco-friendly solution that is anti-bacterial, durable, long-lasting, easily maintained, and CO2 neutral.